BIOXIDEA featured in SCI-FI SKIN Edit in Catalog magazine

HOLY SHEET There are sheet masks that cost a couple of bucks and are a fun way to perking up your skin, and then there are sheet masks that can replace an entire pricey facial. Bioxidea falls into the latter category, with its cult masks that have had everyone from Mandy Moore to Michelle Phan absolutely raving. Following the hit Miracle24 collection that offers products for the face to even breasts and hands that hydrate, plump and brighten, the French beauty house has unveiled a Miracle48 collection containing —get this, gold and diamond extracts! The latter provides a gentle polishing effect to brighten dull skin, while real colloidal micro gold particles repair damage and act as a natural anti-wrinkle agent. Unlike super high-tech brands, Bioxidea combines bioscience — developing DNA research on natural materials to develop new patented products — with ingredients found in nature that are free from sulphates and parabens for the best of both worlds.


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