Chelsea Gehr talks BIOXIDEA Miracle24 Face Mask

I can not stress enough how important taking care of your skin is. Keeping your skin free of radicals, impurities, detoxed, and moisturized, is the most important thing I will EVER say. On that note, I am going to give you a little insight to my skin routine.

...I put on the Mirage 24 Face Mask by Bioxidea Paris.  It’s a sheet mask that is an all-in-one anti aging treatment.  This mask is high enriched with nutrients/antioxidants which continuously injects into the skin providing fast and effective results.  HONESTLY GUYS, I have never used something that left me skin so dreamy looking.  It’s like a Benjamin Button mask.  Reduces signs of aging while completely enhancing your skin!  It’s a little pricey, but so so worth it.  After about 15 minutes I take the mask off and massage the excess medicine into my face.  I leave it on, and continue with my day or go to sleep with it as a repair.

BIOXIDEA Miracle24 Face Mask

I don’t do this entire thing every day, but I definitely do it a few times a week.  This is what works for me, but we all have different skin, textures, sensitivity, etc.  I would love to hear about your skin regimens and routines, so email or comment to me what they are!

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