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BIOXIDEA IkonsGallery @ikonsgallery

IkonsGallery @ikonsgallery

Exclusively in Spain! #bioxidea in #ikonsgallery amazing masks from France! Beauté est un Art;)

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BIOXIDEA Natalie Elizabeth Diver @natalie.diver

Natalie Elizabeth Diver @natalie.diver

Self-Love Sundays ❤️ Morning gym and then brunch with my bestie to do our goal setting and intentions for the week ahead ✨ I don't often promo things on Instagram but if you've seen my snapchat you'll know just how excited I am about @upclothinguk women's range - this tee is SO SO flattering and durable in the gym ✌️ Now to have a pamper evening with my @bioxidea facial essentials, new pjs, FOOOOD and a good book 😄

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Sara Kordek @sarakordek

Hello Monday , cant be that bad if you start it with a little beauty treatment ;) #simple #magic #bioxidea #bioxideausa #beautymask #coolhunter #wowcatcher #polishgirl #onmyway #illustration

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BIOXIDEA Alex LaMarsh @alexlamarsh

Alex LaMarsh @alexlamarsh

amazing skincare for your kit.

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BIOXIDEA Sophie Porley @sophieporley

Sophie Porley @sophieporley

Flight home essentials ✈️

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BIOXIDEA Arianna Iappini @the.birch.arbor

Arianna Iappini @the.birch.arbor

Love these products by @bioxidea so very much! #bioxidea #mask #face #hand #feet #jadore #perfume #dior #roses #winstonflowers #beauty #beautycare #skincare #treatyoself

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BIOXIDEA Henry Amouric @henryamouriq

Henry Amouric @henryamouriq

A good way to start the week with my lovely face mask @bioxidea for a natural and healthy glow. Loving these plum tree blossoming all around Japan🌸💖🌸 Wonderful week to everyone ✨ . . . #men#model#luxury#skin#bioxidea#man#face#facemask

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BIOXIDEA Ikonsgallery @ikonsgallery

Ikonsgallery @ikonsgallery

¡¡¡Plan perfecto para esta tarde!!! 🛀🍫📰🌷😍#relax #cosmeticos #exclusivos #IkonsGallery #beauty #Vogue

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BIOXIDEA Marta Cygan @lifeofboheme

Marta Cygan @lifeofboheme

✨✨✨ #pfw routine

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BIOXIDEA Mrsfranci @mrsfranci

Mrsfranci @mrsfranci

Ora sono pronta per diventare giovane 🤗 #me #mask #beauty #bioxidea #love #instamood

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BIOXIDEA Kaitlyn Mikayla @kaitlynmikayla

Kaitlyn Mikayla @kaitlynmikayla

a great way to start any morning; reading, writing and @bioxidea #essentials #beauty #luxury #healthylifestyle #healthyskin #model #photographer #bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Roxanne Adamiyatt @mademoiselleroxanne

Roxanne Adamiyatt @mademoiselleroxanne

Thankful for a lot of things, but these are my @mimichatter #thankful4 mostly because they keep a girl looking radiant, wide eyed/awake, and totally flirty all day errryday 🤗👄💅👀💁 @bioxidea @ctilburymakeup @realtechniques @kevynaucoin

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BIOXIDEA Kristee Liu @kristeeliu

Kristee Liu @kristeeliu

Love the light scent and the smooth texture! Let's have a face mask skin pampering party!!

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BIOXIDEA Elle McNamara @bambidoesbeauty

Elle McNamara @bambidoesbeauty

G O L D P O W D E R I've just used this natural #gold face mask from @bioxidea and my face is actually #gleaming - This sheet mask is drenched in #goldpowder vitamins and minerals and promises younger looking skin, it definitely works! Very luxurious, quite a premium price tag but cheaper than a #facelift is what I say!

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BIOXIDEA Santi Pérez @santiiperezv

Santi Pérez @santiiperezv

😍 Pronto veréis lo geniales que son sus productos!

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Bioxidea I don’t know what it is with French skincare but there’s something about it that just sounds so luxurious. Make it chemical-free and you’ve got yourself a spot on my must-try list. That’s how Bioxidea got on my radar, just a quick look at their Instagram will convince you of their popularity amongst models and beauty gurus. If it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for me, right? I wanted to see if this was the solution for glowy, flawless skin, as it appears to be. I’ve been following a strict skincare routine for more than 10 days now and can honestly say that I’ve seen a major difference in the way my skin looks. I have to give an honourable mention to the multi-emulsion moisturizer; it literally feels like I’m smothering silk all over my face. The toning and firming proprieties that it promises is definitely not a lie, thumbs up!

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BIOXIDEA Maia Rose @maiaaaarose

Maia Rose @maiaaaarose

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging 💕 I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful products from @bioxidea and I'm seriously in love! More posts to come about their products xx #bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Monique Weston @moniquephoto

Monique Weston @moniquephoto

Someone asked me this weekend... How I look so young and have so much energy... Well I've learned that if you want to be able to do 100 things a week, work 6 days... And still have friends... You have to make time for yourself in the mix... So I'm taking the rest of the day off and I'm going to try this face mask from @bioxidea ... And eat cookies and have some tea... And plan next weeks...adventure. Happy Sunday everyone. #bioxidea #skincare #beauty #maketimeforyou #natural #parabenfree

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BIOXIDEA Bregje Heinen @bregjeheinen

Bregje Heinen @bregjeheinen


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BIOXIDEA Sara Schifani @saraschifani

Sara Schifani @saraschifani

❤️ Bioxidea’s philosophy is based around combining advanced anti-aging technology with powerful natural bioactive ingredients.

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BIOXIDEA Daniela Melchior @itsdanielamelchior

Daniela Melchior @itsdanielamelchior

My winter essentials ❤️ I'm so in love with @bioxidea products! B.B+B: reduces the appearance of imperfections, fights against wrinkles and fine lines, protects against UV rays, correct the complexion and preserves perfect appearance! OUTLINE SAVER: helps to instantly reduce dullness, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and laugh lines! Os meus essenciais de Inverno ❤️ Estou apaixonadíssima pelos produtos @bioxidea ! B.B+B: reduz o aparecimento de imperfeições, luta contra as rugas, protege dos raios UV, corrige o tom da pele e mantém a aparência perfeita! OUTLINE SAVER: reduz a opacidade, as olheiras e as linhas de expressão! #bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Anita @cococollection

Anita @cococollection

Na zakonczenie tej wspaniałej soboty odrobina diamentów dla mojej skory 💎💎💎

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BIOXIDEA Nelya Karazhov @nelyakhryukin

Nelya Karazhov @nelyakhryukin

Hey there, Today I’ll be talking a little bit about skincare, BIOXIDEA skin care products to be exact. I’ve been using these products for about a month now and I have to say I’m quiet impressed. I’m constantly looking for products to add to my skin care routine because I have not yet found products that work perfectly with my skin type. To describe my skin type in a few words would be hard because it’s always different. I’ve got an oily t-zone but all around my skin is somewhat dry. I constantly have to look for masks or oils to hydrate my skin... All Bioxidea products are 100% natural and paraben free, which I think is pretty darn awesome.

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BIOXIDEA Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm @signemorkebergsjostrom

Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm @signemorkebergsjostrom

Skal du til bryllup? Så deler jeg idag et tip til at få super smuk hud på ingen tid, på bloggen 😘

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BIOXIDEA Iris Larisa @irislarisa

Iris Larisa @irislarisa

Happy monday guys! I'm starting my week with some relaxing facial treatments by @bioxidea and organizing my vanity ✔️can you believe it's the last day of November already?! #bioxidea #skincare #beautyroutine #beautyblogger #vanity

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BIOXIDEA Irina Badescu @irinabadescumua

Irina Badescu @irinabadescumua

Just a few pampering (non-makeup) faves... @bioxidea's Element 48 Natura Diamond Mask is my go-to when my skin is looking dull and tired. Seriously, my skin looks instantly brighter, more plump, and refreshed after using this stuff! Love, love, love!

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BIOXIDEA Sara Kordek @sarakordek

Sara Kordek @sarakordek

Pretty good start of the year 👌🏻🐰 #obviously#newyearnewme#bioxidea#beautytreatment#agnesobel #soberup

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BIOXIDEA Siouxie @siouxieblog

Siouxie @siouxieblog

Bioxidea to maseczki w płatku stosowane przez gwiazdy Hollywood. Muszę powiedzieć że jestem pod wrażeniem. #bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA Cindy Kerberova @cindysimo

Cindy Kerberova @cindysimo

Saturday night fever #beauty #weekend #bescandal #fragrance #nudelipstick #facemask #skincare #bioxidea #miracle #sheetmask #perfume #jeanpaulgaultier #katvond #handbag #georgeshobeika #igerscz #prague #sunset #nofilter #beautyjunkie #beautyeditorelle #cindysimo

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BIOXIDEA Kate Sawicka @kasia_sawicka_gaga

Kate Sawicka @kasia_sawicka_gaga

Że teraz teges piękniejsza będę ?;) No to w sumie zaryzykuje :))) ❤️🔝😈 #prezencik #gift #thanks #dziekuje #bioxidea #bioxideabeauty #mirage #excellence #diamond #face #body #maseczka #cudmiod

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BIOXIDEA Gretta @grettusa

Gretta @grettusa

I love @bioxidea B.B. 🙆 Tohle je pro me maly zazrak a to nekecam ❤️ Po tydnu pouzivani mi zacinaji mizet jizvicky po akne a nadherne to rozjasnuje plet, love it! ⭐

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BIOXIDEA Nelya Karazhov @nelyakhryukin

Nelya Karazhov @nelyakhryukin

{sharing my thoughts on the @bioxidea skin care line today on the blog}#bioxidea #skincare #beautyblogger #nkdiaries #bioxideabeauty

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BIOXIDEA Jen Burby @champagnesupernovablog

Jen Burby @champagnesupernovablog

Inside my mom purse. The most critical component: pacifiers! Not pictured for the sake of aesthetic appeal: chewed up gum and a whole potato that I discovered a couple weeks ago. What the heck!? What are your favorite mom purse essentials?

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BIOXIDEA ModelsPolaroids @modelspolaroids

ModelsPolaroids @modelspolaroids

Coffee, Work & Monday lifesaver @bioxidea

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BIOXIDEA DNA Magazine @dna_magazine

DNA Magazine @dna_magazine

Recuerdo cuando escuchaba que a mediados de los veinte hay que comenzar a tomar medidas contra el envejecimiento. Ese tiempo me parecía lejano y, en general, el asunto entero me parecía un mito creado por las empresas cosméticas (y los cirujanos plásticos) para ganar clientes cada vez más jóvenes. Hasta el día en el que un examen cuidadoso frente al espejo reveló tres verdades innegables: una línea horizontal en la frente y dos verticales de las comisuras de los labios hasta la nariz. Ahí estaban, impúdicas, ¡mis primeras líneas de expresión! En ese momento todas las advertencias ignoradas resonaron en mi cabeza: No fumes, no te desveles, haz ejercicio, come saludable, usa protector solar, bla bla bla. Este debía ser el resultado de tanto descuido. Para mi infortunio, pasé prácticamente de preocuparme por el acné a preocuparme por las arrugas. Aunque tal vez estoy exagerando. Convertí el régimen de cuidado personal en una religión, estoy consciente de que envejecer es inevitable, quiero hacerlo con “gracia” y lo más tarde posible. Poco a poco al régimen que comenzó con alimentación, humectación y protección solar se han ido sumando otros aspectos: masajes, yoga facial y mascarillas súper poderosas. Las mascarillas han hecho una gran diferencia atenuando las líneas de expresión que comenzaban a aparecer. El último hallazgo en ese campo fue Bioxidea París, una línea de cuidado de la piel anti-edad que combina las bondades de la naturaleza con la última tecnología. La primera vez que utilicé su colección de mascarillas lo hice con escepticismo. Abrí las bolsitas, coloqué sobre mi piel los productos y esperé. Para los que tienen sentido del humor la Miracle 24 facial hace las mejores y más sexys selfies (muy a la Viernes 13) , pero ya en serio, todo el escepticismo se evaporó cuando me miré en el espejo después de veinte minutos con la mascarilla. Mi piel lucía mucho más tersa, limpia, luminosa y revitalizada, y esos son los atributos de una piel sana y juvenil. Las mascarillas de Bioxidea incluyen tratamientos para manos, pies, busto, cuello e incluso una íntima. Son prácticas y muy efectivas, ideales para relajarte y cuidarte un domingo en la tarde, yo ya estoy a bordo. Por Marbrisa Ter-Veen

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BIOXIDEA Four Seasons Hotel Budapest @fsbudapest

Four Seasons Hotel Budapest @fsbudapest

The latest IT beauty item, @bioxidea mask has finally arrived to Budapest! 💫Exclusively available at the #FourSeasons #SPA #Budapest 💆🏻📸 x @gasztro_pr #greshampalace #beautybar #spa #fsspa #bioxidea #bioxideabeauty #budapestnow #budapestlove

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BIOXIDEA Janell Leigh @janell.leigh

Janell Leigh @janell.leigh

Trying out these babies! Thank you so much!! 😍😍 @talkis_chic #sheetmasks #beautynight #makeupartist #skincare #restingbitchface #antiaging #bioxidea #love #beautyblogger #beauty #zgallerie #roses #wrinklefree

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BIOXIDEA Cat Roberts @cat_roberts

Cat Roberts @cat_roberts

My Sunday essentials 💁 In Love with @bioxidea products, my skin has never felt so good 😻…

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BIOXIDEA Sophie L Weiss @sophielarissaw

Sophie L Weiss @sophielarissaw

Thank you @bioxidea for these beautiful products 😍 can't wait to try them 🌟 🌸

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