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After several Christmas parties, and of course the big New Year's party to top if off, we are more than ready to bring on 2014 with some fresh routines and beauty habits. Since wearing a lot make-up these days (who doesn't love smoky eyes on New Year's Eye?), we are preparing to go back to an au natural look to make sure out skin heal and restore. To kick this off we are doing it with a real moisturizing skin boost. And to make sure we get the best results as possible, we are doing it with a facial mask. But in a jungle of we-don't-know-how-many masks, there are a few treasures that make our skin glow as never before. BIOXIDEA's 24 MIRACLE MASK - This actual (!) miracle mask needs 15 to 30 minutes to settle in to your skin. After that treatment you will experience the skin as glowing as ever (we are not kidding, nourish and hydrate the hell out of your skin). The secret weapon is in their coconut-juice Bio-Cellulose layer which is a gel sheet originated from fermented coconut juice. as well as Marine Collagen that helps preserve and deliver the gel serum to the skin. If you are happy with the result of you face (and you will), there is also a Miracle Mask for your neck, feet and hands.

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