BIOXIDEA & The World

BIOXIDEA masks are created with the conscious awareness that all love in this world starts with self love. From antioxidant-rich treatments (for the self) to the use of sustainable eco materials (for the environment), it is in the little steps (one BIOXIDEA mask at a time!) that make life and the world around us all the more beautiful.

As BIOXIDEA founder Mat says, “La beauté est un art.”

Beauty with a conscience

For each item of BIOXIDEA packaging, a contribution is made towards recovery and recycling as part of the Green Dot scheme. (Spot the Green Dot logo on the back of your box of BIOXIDEA!)

Eco is the new luxe

Made from sustainably-sourced biodegradable materials of the finest quality, BIOXIDEA masks are truly a guilt-free indulgence. (Photo by: @kalitamakeup)

Packaging from BIOXIDEA products are widely recyclable. To make sure it is properly recycled, please check with your local government’s waste office to find out how to recycle these items.

When shopping at BIOXIDEA e-Boutique, customers are supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. For every order, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards certified forest protection projects, complying with the best-in-class protocols and standards.