By signing the BIOXIDEA Influencer Agreement, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

As a BIOXIDEA influencer, I have the duty to promote the BIOXIDEA brand and refer the sale of BIOXIDEA products to the best of my ability, via my social media accounts.

Referred Sales & Discount code
A personalised discount code will be provided by email. Referred sales are measured by the number of times someone completes a purchase using this discount code. When I direct my followers to shop on the official BIOXIDEA website (, I am responsible for providing them my discount code.

In return, I will receive a flat fee and a selection of BIOXIDEA products for content creation.

Payment Terms
For security reasons, payment terms is 50% upfront. Once the content is reviewed and approved by the BIOXIDEA Team, the other 50% will be paid 72 hours after the content is uploaded to my social media channels.

Creative Content
I will create content and post on a regular basis in an appropriate manner (not too infrequently and not too frequently). My content will be of acceptable quality and meet BIOXIDEA's guidelines for content creation. Once posted, I will not delete my creative content.

Gifted/Sponsored Product
The selection of BIOXDEA products I receive is for the purpose of content creation and personal use only (not for resale). It is to be picked up or delivered by post, and provided as required for content creation by request.

To comply with commercial law, content must, where applicable, be labelled as an ad, gifted/sponsored products are to be stated. As a BIOXIDEA influencer, I will operate as an independant contractor and be responsible for my own local tax liability.

This agreement will be interpreted under and governed by the laws and courts of England.

NDA / Confidentiality
I will not disclose any confidential information from the BIOXIDEA Influencer Program to third-parties, including but not limited to payments, commission, official documents, correspondence.

Intellectual Property
I will not use BIOXIDEA intellectual property and trademarks in any unlawful way.

The length of partnership lasts for the during of the campaign, and may be extended for a period of 1 year based on past performance.