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Please make sure your videos / photos respect these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in termination of your Influencer Agreement.

Video / Photo Guidelines

  • NO unboxing, please
  • DO show quality of product (texture, consistency, aroma, packaging, etc.)
  • DO demonstrate step-by-step application
  • DO make sure mask is applied properly (no air bubbles, no lifted corners, no folds)
  • DO present the product in a 'luxury' environment (minimalistic background, no clutter)
  • DO follow the BIOXIDEA dress code (simple, clean outfit in white or black, no patterns) and wear natural-look makeup with neatly-styled hair
  • DO share your discount code when you direct your followers to shop at (VERY IMPORTANT: This is used to track your referred sales)
  • DO tag your content with the official brand tags #BIOXIDEA @BIOXIDEA 
  • DO read and learn about the brand background and products on the official BIOXIDEA website BIOXIDEA.COM
  • DO comply with your local commercial law and, where applicable, label your video as an ad (#ad), gifted/sponsored products are also to be stated.
  • DO NOT present or compare BIOXIDEA with other similar products/masks
  • Please refer to examples below for aesthetic

Suggested Themes for content creation

  • Best luxury skincare
  • Best pre-makeup skin prep
  • Pre-party prep
  • Post-party rescue
  • Glow up routine
  • Date night skin prep
  • Couples face mask routine
  • Nighttime skincare routine
  • Self care routine
  • Create your own home spa

Discount Code & Performance

  • Invite others to shop at with your Discount Code to start generating sales
  • Include your discount code and a link to the BIOXIDEA Official Website in the description under your YouTube video
    • Example template:
    • Get 15% off your BIOXIDEA order!
    • Use code XXX15
  • Your YouTube video must display text with the discount code and website during the time you mention the promotion
    • Example:
    • Code: XXX15 for 15% off at


Referred sales are measured by the number of times someone completes a purchase using your discount code. This is then used as a performance indicator when considering our future collaborations.

Good to know

Useful information for you and your followers. Please share in your video.

BIOXIDEA brand information

  • BIOXIDEA is a French luxury skincare brand best known for its award-winning full-body suite of masks

The BIOXIDEA difference

  • BIOXIDEA offers the best selection of luxury beauty masks with the highest quality ingredients and is based on the latest most-advanced skincare technology.
  • Used and loved by celebrities, models, magazine editors and beauty therapists, BIOXIDEA products deliver exceptional results.
  • BIOXIDEA is formulated without harsh ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol, artificial fragrance, colourants, mineral oils.
  • BIOXIDEA does not test on animals and is cruelty free.

Shopping at BIOXIDEA e-Boutique

  • You must mention that "FREE shipping is available from 2 items at"

    BIOXIDEA and the world

    • When shopping at BIOXIDEA e-Boutique, you are supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. For every order, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards certified forest protection projects, complying with the best-in-class protocols and standards.
    • For each item of BIOXIDEA packaging, a contribution is made towards recovery and recycling as part of the Green Dot scheme. (Spot the Green Dot logo on the back of your box of BIOXIDEA!)
    • Packaging from BIOXIDEA products are widely recyclable. To make sure it is properly recycled, please check with your local government’s waste office to find out how to recycle these items.

    Social Media Links

    Include BIOXIDEA's social media links under your YouTube video
    • Instagram:
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:

    Product Links

    Include links to shop BIOXIDEA products under your YouTube video

    Presentation & Product Demonstration

    • Please memorise all brand information and not read off the product packaging while shooting
    • Please present against a simple background (white wall, no clutter)
    • Please demonstrate the product application as cut-scenes in your YouTube video
    Example timeline of video:
    1. Brand intro
    2. Share experience
    3. Describe product and results
    4. Show cut scene of product demo
    5. Return to describing product
    6. ...(repeat points 3-5 for all products)
    7. Mention promo code, website, FREE delivery promo and display on screen
    8. Final thoughts

    Note on Miracle24 & Mirage24 Biocellulose Face Masks

    When separating the layers for the sheet mask, please only select the middle gel-like layer which is the mask, and discard the outer protective cotton layers.

    Note on Mirage48 Collection

    After masking with BIOXIDEA Mirage48 (as a facial treatment), add it to hot water, stir to dissolve then add to the bath (as a body treatment). When presenting this skincare step to your followers, please have the following ready when creating your content:

    • luxury-looking glass or cup for the mixture (example: champagne glass, wine glass, teacup)
    • luxury-looking stirrer or tea spoon
    • luxury-looking background (marble surfaces, glass, or plain white, black, grey colours)

    Multiple BIOXIDEA products in one video/photo

    To complete the ritual, BIOXIDEA masks may be used with complementary products such as BIOXIDEA Outline Saver Eyes & Lips Pen as below: