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BIOXIDEA Mirage24 Intimate Mask featured in Lifestyle Asia

What is a Vanicure and why do all women need one?Bioxidea Mirage24 Intimate MaskJust like any targeted skincare regime, you have your masking. Bio-cellulose sheets are fantastic for their ability to conform to skin contours, and these sheets are packed with hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturise, while the blend of botanicals help increase firmness and elasticity. Perfect for dry or irritated skin after waxing or lasering, you’ll want to apply this as needed for about 30 minutes, remove and follow up with V-care serum or moisturiser.HK$510/3 pieces from Lane Crawfordvia:

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BIOXIDEA at OPEN SPA, Ibiza Gran Hotel as seen on Essential Ibiza

The premier treatment taking the celebrity world by storm has made its way to Ibiza, where it can be found exclusively at the Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Open Spa. The Bioxidea Mirage 48 Excellence face mask, infused with gold, is the latest innovation promising to lift, plump, tighten and brighten in just one facial session, harnessing the powerful properties of this precious metal.Words by Nina SaeiImages by Tamara SiniFull artical at:

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Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm on BIOXIDEA Mirage48 Excellence Gold Face & Body Mask

Skal du til bryllup? Så deler jeg idag et tip til at få super smuk hud på ingen tid!Det franske mærke, BIOXIDEA som jeg tidligere på ugen har nævnt, har specialiseret sig i anti-age produkter. De har også lavet en maske, Mirage 48 Excellence Gold Face & Body Mask, med den vildeste opstrammende virkning. Man får altså den smukkeste hud, på ingen tid! Den opstrammende effekt skulle eftersigende holde i 24 timer, men jeg synes nu den holder lidt længere. Måske fordi masken giver SÅ meget fugt til huden. Hvilket jeg bestemt ikke brokker mig over! Det er en sheet maske med blandt andet marine collagen og aloe vera, som gør den fuldstændig genial på dagen til særlige lejligheder. Dét smarte ved masken er, at...

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Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm talks BIOXIDEA

De fine rynker som pipler frem i løbet af 30’erne kan godt være charmerende. De fortæller en historie. Vores historie. Men ind imellem de fine charmerende rynker, kommer dem vi ikke kan lide. Dem som fortæller om vores shitstorm, bagsiden af medaljen. Det er dem vi gerne vil havde forsvinder. Nu. Det er ingen hemmelighed at jeg er en stor fortaler for botox og restylane. Det har jeg intet problem med at sige højt, mor med stort M eller ej. Jeg har nogle ar på sjælen, som jeg ikke bryder mig om skal vises i mit fjæs. Heldigvis kan vi i dagens Danmark gøre utrolig meget og er man utilfreds med noget på man fixe det. The end! Personligt, er...

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I’m a big fan of sheet masks – so easy and so effective. I use them at least once a week and this week I’m trying out Mirage 24 Face Mask from Bioxidea. I think it’s the perfect mask to apply before going out, as results should be visible after 15-30 minutes and start to peak after 5 hours. Skin becomes smooth, supple, plump and clear. Mirage 24 is ultra hydrating and rejuvenating, extra firming and pore-tightening. Just what you want to create a perfect canvas for your makeup. Don’t forget to use your jade roller after wearing the mask. More on Bioxidea Mirage 24 Face Mask here.Original article via:

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Trending beauty item Bioxidea masks have arrived in Budapest. The miracle products are exclusively available in Hungary at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest. Bioxidea cosmetic house is the creator of renowned facial masks that celebrities such as Mandy Moore rely on to give their skin a special glow. With more than five million masks sold worldwide, Bioxidea has sparked worldwide interest and moved the trends of the cosmetic world. Models Daniela Botero, Lauren Layne, actor John Stamos and singer/actress Mandy Moore are just a few of the enthusiastic Bioxidea customers who have filled social networks with their selfies using the products. Every day more than 2,000 #BIOXIDEA selfies appear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social...

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BIOXIDEA as seen on Byrdie: This Is the Best Skincare Advice We've Ever Gotten, Hands Down

"'Your face starts at your nipples,' an esthetician once told me as she massaged moisturizer into my chest. And it's true. The skin on your chest and neck are just as thin and prone to sagging and wrinkles as the skin around your eyes. The problem is, barely anyone treats it as such. Make sure to apply all your favorite lotions, serums, and peels all the way down your body to keep things hydrated, exfoliated, and bright. I'm partial to Bioxidea Miracle 24 Breast Treatment ($59) and Bliss That's Incredi-Peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads ($49) for my neck and chest."by Hallie Gould, Senior Beauty Editor, Byrdie (via:

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