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Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel

Luxuriously nourishes skin while purifying

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150 ml
  • Gentle, yet effective cleansing
  • With added antioxidant action
  • Formulated for results
  • Enriched with botanical extracts
  • Recommended by beauty experts

Soothe, nourish and rejuvenate while you cleanse

Uniquely free of oil, alcohol and preservatives. This one-step, mild cleansing gel removes makeup, whilst gently clarifying, moisturising and calming the skin. Formulated with Platinum, Proteoglycans and Black Yeast to help awaken skin’s youthful glow. Skin looks incredibly clean, fresh and clear.

Best times to use:

  • Daily upon rising to awaken skin
  • Nightly before bed to remove build up from the day
  • Post workout to freshen up
  • To remove makeup (even waterproof!)
  • Before any BIOXIDEA face mask to prep skin


Suggested use

AM & PM or whenever skin needs a boost

Clean Beauty

BIOXIDEA products are made with superior quality, safe and natural ingredients sourced globally, leveraging innovation expertise and technology.

  • Made without more than 2700+ questionable ingredients including but not limited to: PEGs, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Cyclic Silicones, Sulfates, Parabens and potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and environmental toxins
  • FDA-approved
  • Intertek certified
  • Sustainably sourced, high performance formulas with skin-optimizing ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Clinically tested with proven results
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Artificial fragrance free

Eco Initiative

When shopping at BIOXIDEA e-Boutique, you are supporting an environmentally-friendly business that invests in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impact of shipping. For every order, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards certified forest protection projects, complying with the best-in-class protocols and standards.

Care guide

Storage conditions:

  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Paraben-free

  • Sulphate-free

  • Artificial Fragrance-free

  • Colourant-free

  • Mineral Oil-free

  • Alcohol-free

BIOXIDEA musings

With special thanks to Olena Mishchenko

The BIOXIDEA Beauty Ritual


Step 1

Purify + Prep


Step 2

Mask + Pamper


Step 3

Perfect + Go

What People are Saying

about Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel

Sulfate & Paraben Free Anti-Aging Perfection

Allure magazine

Since I’m wearing makeup every single day, I believe that it’s important to incorporate a two-step cleansing technique. Such an approach allows removing all of the dirt from my skin so it’s ready for all of the nourishing products that I’ll be using afterward. I mentioned my favorite cleanser, Bioxidea Cosmetics Covering Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel, in my August favorites post and I didn’t find the product that overpowered this product ever since. It’s a super gentle all-natural cleanser that not only properly cleans my skin, but also nourishes it.

Style Sprinter's Katya Bychkova talks BIOXIDEA cleansing gel

It works very gently on my skin, properly removes makeup, and leaves my skin looking more awake. My favorite part about this product is that it’s made without any harsh chemicals that are so popular in many other cleansers. It’s also doesn’t contain any oil, which is great, as my skin is prone to breakouts.

BIOXIDEA featured in Style Sprinter as one of Katya Bychkova's August Beauty Favorites

One of their all-stars, you know, aside from their basically magical face masks? The Imperial Cleansing Gel — I love it so much that I keep a spare in my apartment at all times.

BIOXIDEA via InStyle: No Joke, This Cleanser Gives You Better Skin IMMEDIATELY

Questions and Answers

Is BIOXIDEA Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel safe on eyelash extensions?

Covering Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel is a non-oil-based facial cleanser. As maintenance of eyelash extensions usually requires the avoidance oil-based products, this item is ideal for gentle and effective cleansing of the skin after this type of treatment. For specific guidance relating to eyelash extension aftercare, we highly recommend that you consult with your technician for further information.